The Four-Legged Wedding Guest

When I brought my dogs home four years ago, my life changed forever. I didn’t know how or how much just yet, but then it quickly became apparent that I was a different person, in the way that my heart had more than doubled its size to make room for the incredible amount of love that I had for these two new little parts of my life. I have so much love for them, in fact, that it has overflowed to every other dog and animal out there. But that’s a topic for a different post, or perhaps a different blog.

CohenThis is Cohen. He came home with us on December 20, 2009.

LyricAnd this is Lyric. He came home with us on February 7, 2010.

This post will focus on dogs at weddings and how incomplete a wedding will be without them! Thankfully, I want an outdoor wedding and wouldn’t have it any other way, so it’ll be easier to find a venue that would allow my two little pooches to be in attendance. Because otherwise, adios, dream venue. I ain’t getting married without my dogs!

I probably wouldn’t have them as part of the bridal party, because my dogs are easily distracted. They would want to sniff (and pee on) every chair or vase or pillar they walk past. So forget about tying the rings around their neck! They can just be cute little rowdy guests.

I wouldn’t dress them up either because they just hate, hate, hate that! Lyric would freeze, and Cohen would shake and wiggle until he’s got whatever’s on him off. 

Basically, my dogs are good at being naughty dogs. 🙂 The only time they behave like humans is when it comes to food and sleeping. But the bottom-line is, my wedding wouldn’t be complete without my two little boys.

Since my wedding is still far in the unforeseeable future, let’s instead enjoy these photos of uh-dorable doggies at weddings!

The Four-Legged Wedding Guestvia Style Me Pretty

The Four-Legged Wedding Guestvia Hufftington Post

The Four-Legged Wedding Guestvia United with Love

The Four-Legged Wedding Guestvia Noivado

The Four-Legged Wedding Guestvia Capitol Romance

The Four-Legged Wedding Guestvia Elizabeth Anne Designs

The Four-Legged Wedding Guestvia WeddBook

The Four-Legged Wedding Guestvia Jordan McBride

The Four-Legged Wedding Guestvia Wedding Bee

The Four-Legged Wedding Guestvia Floridian Weddings

The Four-Legged Wedding Guestvia Life as Art Photography


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